What to do with multi-colored carrots?

I bought a lovely bunch of colorful carrots this morning at the market-- purple, white, reddish. I've never tried these and understand the flavors are a bit distinct from the typical orange. Any suggestions on a way to cook them to let those natural flavors shine? Just roast them as I would any other root vegetable? Thanks!

  • Posted by: MegB
  • March 16, 2013


Pamela731 March 16, 2013
You could peel and cut nicely on the bias and simmer gently with a little water, some raw sugar and about an inch long piece if fresh grated ginger (depending on number of carrots. Drain and serve with a little freshly chopped parsley.
luvcookbooks March 16, 2013
This is just an idea to set off the pretty colors. I don't have a precise recipe but make from memory a Moroccan carrot salad. Grate the carrots, then dress with a little bit of orange flower water, a little oil, a little lemon juice, and a chopped green like parsley or scallion or cilantro. It's so pretty with regular orange carrots and fresh tasting, I am imagining a photo op with the multicolored carrots.
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