Please, I have looked online for hours...where can I buy Maka puszysta for pierogi? Help?

Nice post by Monica about pierogi

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  • Posted by: mike
  • April 9, 2016


Michele April 11, 2016
There are 2 Polish markets that I occasionally visit that carry a considerable range of products - particularly Piast. You can try calling either of these places to see if they carry them and would ship.
amysarah April 10, 2016

They carry several varieties. Hope that's helpful. (Was going to say good luck, but I guess not.)
Maedl April 10, 2016
You might try the Kielbasa Factory--

It is located in Rockville, Maryland. They sell excellent kielbasa and have a lot of Polish products.
Caroline L. April 9, 2016
hi mike! you may not need maka puszysta specifically—†his recipe recommends using a fine 00 flour (like you would for other pastas) if you can't find that dough. but you might have success at a polish grocery store!

good luck!
mike April 9, 2016
That is the problem, finding a Polish Store that ships in USA. I do not ask for luck. I ask for an address or contact number. Where did you purchase Maka puszusta? I'll call them
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