Electric Range Model - Please Help!

Hello! I hope you can help! I've asked this question on the blog where I found it, but I haven't received a response. This blog post: https://food52.com/blog... has a beautiful electric range (stand-alone oven/cooktop) but there is no indication of what brand it is. And I looked through dozens of brands online to try to spot it but had no luck. Can someone please shed some light on which model/brand this electric range is? I would be EVER so grateful! Thank you!

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Lori T. March 15, 2022
I think it's a Cafe 360 range, made by GE, in platinum. I recently bought one myself, with copper accents, to replace an old dying range. I am not sure it this one is a slide in or stand alone version- but the fronts would be the same either way. Since it's electric, it could be either radiant or induction on top, and with a nice convection oven.
Food52!!! March 16, 2022
Thank you, Lori! You are so sweet and helpful! The person who wrote the article got back to someone who responded under the comments of the article (Cosmo). However, your suggestion looks JUST like it, but is actually and induction stove which we'd prefer. So THANK YOU SO MUCH for your wonderful suggestion! All the best! <3
Emily K. March 14, 2022
Hi there! Looking into this :). I also see your comment on the article -- Matthew might see it and respond to you there. Either way we'll do our best to get an answer for you.
Food52!!! March 16, 2022
Thank you, someone did get back to me for Matthew! All set!

This community moves FAST!!! WOW!! Thank you! :-)
Emily K. March 16, 2022
Yay! So happy you found the answer you were looking for!
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