Do fresh mushrooms absorb flavors better than canned

  • Posted by: Ken
  • April 9, 2016


John J. April 10, 2016
Add flour to the fat. Feeling punked.

John J. April 10, 2016
Only, if your are stuffing them. Other wise they are the flavoring, canned, fresh, powdered. Think texture for your ap.
bamcnamara April 10, 2016
I use them as well...different taste than fresh...but sometimes they do the trick! (Plus I like them!!!) What kind of flavors are you looking for them to absorb?
Ken April 10, 2016
I was thinking that by adding fresh mushrooms, they could help soaking up some pork fat for when I make pork chops with cream of mushroom
Susan W. April 10, 2016
Well shame on me. Now I am going to have to try them. I seriously have not seen them in years. Saw them in a jar at the store yesterday.
BerryBaby April 10, 2016
I keep a jar of them in the pantry. I drain and pat them dry and them saute in a little butter and olive oil before adding them to a dish. Gives them a whole different flavor than just 'out of the jar'. I also do that with frozen pearl onions. From freezer to simmering water for a minute of two, pat them dry and then saute.
Susan W. April 10, 2016
Of course they do. Do people still use canned mushrooms? I'm not trying to be rude, but are we being punked?
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