I'm looking for suggestions of valentine cookies or a cake that can be made ahead and frozen.

I help organize a valentine bake sale fund-raiser and the two days before and the day of are chock full of organizing and mass baking with our group. I'm looking for either a one layer cake or cookies that I can make ahead, freeze and then maybe ice or decorate at the last minute. Our group makes lots of chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies.

C Sangueza


C S. February 14, 2020
The bake sale was a big success. We raised about $1200 for a scholarship fund. Both of these recipes froze well and tastes good. Thanks for the suggestions.
Nancy February 14, 2020
Congrats! Good work...
Miss_Karen January 27, 2020
I've had Emma's salted chocolate cookies. She's right- they DO vanish quickly.
Nancy January 24, 2020
Biscotti hold up very well, in a tin at room temp or frozen.
You can serve as is.
Or dip in a coating (chocolate, cherry, strawberry).
Or ice (lemon, cream cheese, etc).
Also some biscotti recipes are savory, so good to sell to those who don't like or can't eat sweets.
C S. January 25, 2020
That’s a good thought. I have a recipe that is barely sweet with lots of nuts and seeds would be good for breakfast. Do you think you could freeze them after the first baking and wait to slice and rebake them the day before? Or better just to store airtight? Thanks
Nancy January 25, 2020
You have 2 more questions there.
First, about the baking.
It's easier (and I thinks gives better results), to do both bakings in one go. Also, takes less time than having to defrost the fust-baked log, cut and bake 2nd time.
Storage. Both room-temp tin (or any tightly closed container) and freezer work fine.
Question is how long before the event are you planning to make them? If a few days, store at room temp. If more, store in freezer up to three months.
Good luck with the bake sale!
Emma L. January 24, 2020
Hey there! Just about any cookie I've frozen has held up really well. My mom loved baking these for bake sales and they always sold out sooo fast: https://food52.com/recipes/75653-chocolate-peanut-butter-cookies-magic-middles. (You could swap in sunflower butter if nut allergies are an issue.) These could be really adorable if you cut out heart shapes: https://food52.com/recipes/32297-swedish-rye-cookies. And for something chocolatey, these are super fudgy and delicious: https://food52.com/recipes/38739-salted-double-chocolate-olive-oil-cookies. Hope that helps and happy baking!
C S. January 24, 2020
Thank you Emma. There are always a lot of chocolate things but these rye cookies look different and will be cute as hearts. I'll try them. Obviously I'll add the powdered sugar after they thaw.
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