Cake Pops...from cake crumbs or use molds?

I have made cake pops using the round cake molds and they turned out great. However, I recently viewed a video that made them from cake crumbs. Has anyone tried making them with the crumbs? If I recall they used frosting mixed into the crumbs to hold the mixture together. Wouldn't this be too sweet? I use melted chocolate to coat them and roll them in sprinkles. Seems like a lot sweetness with double frosting.

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burning-ice May 19, 2016
I've seen recipes where they used cream cheese to hold the crumbs together. So the only added sweetness would be the chocolate outside.
HalfPint May 4, 2016
I've had the cake pops made from cake crumbs and they're sooooo sweet. Not my cup of tea. But those with a big sweet tooth will love these.
Exbruxelles May 5, 2016
I agree, waaay too sweet. And: Why?
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