Need a layer cake suggestion please

I really don't have time to research and decide. I am super indecisive about this. I usually just make sheet cakes, but we are trying out some decorations and flowers. I will do 3 layers 9-inch. I don't have a go to except for a chocolate one. I just need something basic. I don't have cake flour. Also I have American type buttercream. What should I frost with? We want a traditional looking icing to show off the flowers and decorative pearl sixelets. I do have cream cheese. I could make some fancier buttercream. Help me decide. None of the genius cakes are right.



nutcakes May 12, 2016
I did it but the cake, while delicious in flavor, was extremely dense. I decided to try again with cake flour. I think I need weights though.
Emily L. May 9, 2016
Here is a way to 'make' your own cake flour - I have used this many times and it always turns out perfectly
BerryBaby May 12, 2016
I agree! I make my own cake flour and it turns out wonderfully. No need to spend extra on cake flour when it's so easy to make with what you have on hand.
nutcakes May 8, 2016
OK so I searched Food 52 and one of the first cakes that came up was from the Swanson's box and it is a community pick, so going for it. Just trying to decide to do this buttercream or what.
nutcakes May 8, 2016
Oh gosh I meant to say I 'hate' American basic buttercream. Thanks for the suggestions Stephanie G, I'm looking them up.
Stephanie G. May 8, 2016
Two cakes I make often are on the website/blog SmittenKitchen. One is the Pink Lady Cake, with a strawberry puree and cream cheese frosting. Also, I make the Birthday cake with yellow cake and fudge frosting. Both of these recipes always turn out well for me. What about carrot cake with cream cheese frosting? It's very seasonal now...maybe a yellow cake with a light pink buttercream?
nutcakes May 8, 2016
Oh boy, good suggestions but...I don't have cake flour, am considering going to the store cause I don't have strawberries either and the pink lady sounds lovely. I don't think I have time, we are in the middle of white chocolate flowers. I don't want fudge frosting because I am decorating with white chocolate flowers and beads. Don't want to grate carrots either.
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