A day after chopping hot peppers (and lots of hand washing), my hands are still burning! Any tricks for helping ease the pain?

Soap and lotion aren't cutting it :(

Kristina Wasserman


Girlfromipanema September 2, 2019
I know it's been over three years since this was posted, BUT I found myself in this situation last night. After some desperate online searching I decided to treat it like a burn, and put some Neosporin on it- that seemed to help some!
scruz May 14, 2016
i can't believe this happened to me today. i was popping open an OLD tin of chipotles in adobo and it must have gone bad because it erupted right into my eye. ouch. i didn't have the old fashioned eye cups like my mom used to have so i used a small drinking glass full of water to flush it out of my eye. necessity is the mother of invention. once that was done i used tabasco sauce (i was making a salad dressing),
creamtea May 13, 2016
Milk! And wearing rubber gloves next time. Don't rub your eyes!
Rachel May 13, 2016
I wouldn't use the GoJo if I were you. It can irritate the hands even more. I once had chili burn so bad that I called the poison control hotline (I was about to head to the ER, but thought I'd try them first). They told me the soak my hands in Mylanta (the liquid heartburn medication). I did that for about an hour and it provided relief when nothing else could. Best of luck and I hope you feel better soon.
aaron May 9, 2016
A little Soft Scrub when you wash your hands will knock it out

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LouLou May 9, 2016
Another trick next time you cut hot peppers is to use those disposable plastic gloves.
Amy May 9, 2016
Soak your hands in heavy cream. Worked after I chopped jalapenos :)
Jan W. May 9, 2016
This has happened to me countless times and it actually does hurt quite a lot, even if you don't have visible cuts on your hands...so watch out! Yes I recommend all of the suggestions for orange-oil based cleaner, as it will mostly get rid of the microscopically thin layer of chili oil that is keeping the capsaicin on your hands. Then use some lotion after a few bouts of that so your hands don't dry out completely and make you susceptible again to chili burn.
SV J. May 9, 2016
As soon after chopping hot peppers wash hands with GOJO orange hand cleaner (found at auto parts store or automotive section of discount stores). It cuts the oil left by the peppers. Then wash hands with mild dish soap such as Dawn so you don,t smell like you just change the oil in your Prius and apply a hand cream.
Kristina W. May 9, 2016
I'll try that next time! Thanks!
Ben M. May 9, 2016
Ali is right milk probably full fat if you have it would help the more severe cases.
Ali S. May 9, 2016
Milk or yogurt! Tried and true.
Kristina W. May 9, 2016
Thank you! It's definitely helping.
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