I am cooking chicken with wild rice soup in a crock pot. I accidentally added the 1 cup of half and half at the start of cooking. Still be ok?

Will my soup be ruined? Should I add more half and half at the end? It takes about 7 hours to cook on a low setting.

Marci Toerpe


BerryBaby May 12, 2016
How did the soup turn out?
breakbread May 11, 2016
It should be fine since the crockpot won't boil. The cream might only get tastier! Milk does contain some water anyway. I guess it'll be personal preference if you want to add some at the end to make it creamier - maybe add more stock/water since more half-n-half could mute the balance of flavors. Also, I would taste it before adding any (more?) salt since there is some sodium in the dairy and it could become more concentrated with 7 hours of cooking. Sounds delicious though - good luck!
Marci T. May 11, 2016
Thank you for answering this so quickly!! I greatly appreciate your help!
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