sticky sweet tart dough

i have used the same recipe many times successfully -- flour, confectioners', pinch of salt, butter, vanilla, yolk, ice water. i am in israel and struggle to avoid my dough becoming too sticky. i'm told the large eggs here are bigger so maybe i should use a medium egg here. the flour might b a little different and i might try using one from russia as suggested. i even wonder if the confectioners' is more powdery than in the US. these could b factors. in general, what is the solution to sticky dough? normally if it's sticky u add some flour when rolling it out. my dough was sticky when i first made it, so i knew immediately it was going to b problematic. should i maybe add a tiny bit more flour when i make the dough? would more water help? should i have left the butter in the freezer longer? i did put the food processor bowl in the freezer w the confectioners' and flour but maybe not long enough and i think the butter wasn't in very long.

  • Posted by: alan
  • November 28, 2017


BerryBaby November 28, 2017
I recently had a similar situation and my baker friend said the butter was probably too warm or butter and sugar creamed too long. Could be something else?
alan November 28, 2017
i just saw someone say they have a tendency to add too much water which results in stickiness. i used to always give it 3 tablespoons automatically cuz i had no problem w stickiness and i liked how it came together so well in the food processor bowl. i will try only 2. once i resolve it, i will post what worked for me.
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