Do you think $5 for a nice size breakfast burrito is too much?

The burrito will have sausage or bacon, cheese, bacon and salsa. I'm doing it at a location where no other food is around on a hot dog trailer/cart.

Chef LuLu


D99d March 10, 2020
yes because burritos are so good:):):):)
Chef N. January 4, 2014
QueenSashy July 3, 2013
If it makes you happy, yes...
bigpan July 2, 2013
I'm from Canada and find all food truck food toooo much for one person to eat. Perhaps consider making a smaller portion size at $3 and then offer 2 for $5 ! A person with a lighter appetite will buy one rather than pass by, and a person with a larger appetite will buy two smalls and be satisfied with both the food and the price. As long as it make profit, you are okay. If you have to, consider $4 for a small, $7 for two !
My wife and I love eating a food trucks, but share one portion because they are sooo over the top size-wise. Think about catering to the larger audience than just the big eaters. If it is a good product, they will not only buy more, but return.
pierino July 2, 2013
Would that be priced in Canadian dollars? ;-) BC has incredible Chinese food but I'm not convinced they've figured out the burrito yet. Canadian food truck burritos too big? Maybe that's why we refer to it as The "Great" White North.
mrslarkin July 1, 2013
oh darn it. I thought *I* invented the breakfast burrito. It's what I make for my kids every day they have an exam. Perfect brain food.

P.S. I think $5 for a honkin' burrito is a very fair price for NY metro area. I'd be willing to pay another dollar or two if it came with a drink.
pierino July 1, 2013
Mrs. Larkin, I thought you invented the light bulb so that your kids could pull all-nighters cramming for their exams ;-) But a little more background on the burrito: it's looked on with some disdain in Mexico because it was the MRE of the old bracero system where migrant workers would in the USA would get a ration of beans wrapped in a flour tortilla. I doubt that anyone who has been in the military (or been an astronaut) thinks back fondly of MRE's. But it's always interesting to observe the cultural evolution of foods. And Mrs. L, I agree it's good brain food too. Try the lingua burrito sometime.
D99d March 10, 2020
HalfPint June 28, 2013
Here's what one of the local taquerias does for breakfast burritos:
-Two eggs per burrito
-Choice of either plain, ham, bacon, vegetarian,chorizo. Base price of $2.30-$2.70 which includes their really good housemade salsas
-Extras on request: cheese, sour cream,beans (pinto, blk, refried), potatoes, rice. $0.50-$0.75 for each extra add-in.
They make them to order. With all the add-ins, it becomes a substantial burrito and can top $5 easily.
Abby A. June 28, 2013
I don’t get carb-on-carb as in potatoes wrapped in tortilla. It may make it cheaper to add plenty of those tasty dried potatoes but in my humble opinion, it’s too many calories for breakfast. I’d rather pay 5 dollars for a wrap with egg, bacon and salsa than $4 for wrap that includes potatoes as a filler. A large man may feel differently as he may need the energy. Maybe a couple of options?
ChefJune June 28, 2013
HUH? We "get" Burritos. And we now do have great -and authentic- Mexican food here. You, dear Pierino, in SOCAL, are not part of the "we" of New York... and that's okay. You do just fine where you are. and we're here... also doing fine. :)
pierino June 28, 2013
I guess my polite reply should be that I was born in NYC and I still visit frequently. The burrito I should add is barely Mexican. It's a product of the border states (California and Arizona) and this is where the misunderstanding comes in. Real "Mexican" food is seriously regional and has nothing to do with SoCal.Good luck finding a burrito in Mexico. And that's the part that NYCers don't quite get. The "breakfast burrito" is a competely SoCal, surfer culture thing (like the fish taco).But do stay tuned in, because I'm working on it. Mexican proverb: "so far from God, so close to the USA."
sexyLAMBCHOPx June 28, 2013
Pierno, you live in Southern California, of course you will have a better selection of Mexican food. It's not that we don't "get" it per say, but when you live in states with such a variety of wonderful ethnicities, coupled with year round weather variations you are open to different foods. To that end, we have great Mexican restaurants here but I think living in CA makes you rather opinionated and ignorant. Who is "WE" working on Ny making a better burrito? I don't want to stay tuned. Us NY'ers have our own thang going on and doubt we miss your burrito.
paseo June 28, 2013
Some people really need to lighten up.
pierino June 28, 2013
Paseo, so far there is nothing mean spirited in this conversation. It's okay for people to frankly disagree. And speaking to that point on New Yorkers and burritos, Roberto Santibanez is an outstanding Mexican chef in NYC but his fine book, TRULY MEXICAN, doesn't even touch on the subject. Why not? Because it's not truly Mexican.
ChefJune June 27, 2013
That would be dirt cheap for New York. It all depends upon where you are.
pierino June 28, 2013
New York doesn't quite "get" burritos. But we are working on that. Stay tuned.
WileyP June 27, 2013
I agree with pierino that "papas" (spicy fried little potato cubes) are really needed in a breakfast burrito. Not only do they add a wonderful spiciness, but they are also less expensive per volume than your other ingredients. But as long as you are using a 12-14" tortilla and stuffing it pretty full of goodies, I think $5 apiece is a great price! Do you accept mail orders?
nutcakes June 27, 2013
Not for the Los Angeles and surrounding areas.
HalfPint June 27, 2013
Not expensive for San Francisco either.
pierino June 27, 2013
How about El Tepeyac in East LA? Their special burrito weighs in at 5 pounds which would defeat even the Man versus Food guy. One of the shrines of my college years.
SeaJambon June 26, 2013
I agree that where you are -- geographically -- is important. Some areas/markets will support higher prices than others. In Seattle, that seems a bit high -- unless it met the "locally sourced; organic; something else special about it" trifecta. Having said that, I think the venue is also important and could change that answer -- if you're the only food around and there's likely to be a hungry mob (I'm thinking like at some athletic events like tri-athalons -- unless you're at the end of the event, probably not interesting for the athletes, but very interesting for the spectators!) then $5 will be just fine.
msstrawberry June 26, 2013
Yes! If you are spending $5 every morning on breakfast. No! If you treat your self once in a while. It's so much healthier to make your own.
savorthis June 26, 2013
It's a little high for Denver, but probably just right for some coastal cities. We get really good breakfast burritos for about $2.50 and they are not huge which I like because I'd rather not have a giant burrito for breakfast.
pierino June 26, 2013
Sounds fair to me especially if it's a fat burrito. You can add some fried potato to it for a little extra heft.
jmburns June 26, 2013
I would say it depends on where you are located. In my area a breakfast taco egg, meat, cheese is about a dollar. But I live in a smaller Texas town of 10,000 people and 14 Mexican restaurant options for breakfast.
Lindsay-Jean H. June 26, 2013
I don't think so, but of course it depends on where you are. I pay $6-$8 for a breakfast burrito from one of my favorite food carts.
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With a small coffee sounds right if burrito is filling
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