Can I steam the potatoes eight hours in advance?? If so how should I store them after steaming

  • Posted by: Jacob
  • May 28, 2016
Patricia Wells' Fake Frites
Recipe question for: Patricia Wells' Fake Frites


NYNCtg May 31, 2016
Once I had them steamed and ready to go in the oven. Hubby came home and wanted to go out to dinner. So into the fridge when the Friets. I think I had oiled them as well. They ended up in the fridge for two days. They came out very good when I did them. Not 100% as awesome as they usually are but still very good. I wouldn't keep them that long on purpose but it can be done.
Lindsay-Jean H. May 31, 2016
Step 2 of the recipe says that the steamed potatoes can be prepared several hours in advance and to set them aside at room temperature.
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