Apple raspberry crumble cake recipie does not detail quantity of milk which is detailed in recipe not how ever on list of ingredients

  • Posted by: peggy
  • June 2, 2016


702551 June 2, 2016
While Lindsay-Jean's instructions are helpful and relevant to readers of this site, if you read more than a couple of food sites, it may get very difficult to remember how each one's comment notification system works.

That's why your best bet is to always contact the recipe author directly, regardless of what site you're viewing the recipe because you can't always be sure other sites' comment systems are configured the same way as Food52's site is.

It's *WAY* easier that trying to remember the operating practices of five, ten, twenty or more food sites that you visit, some of which very regularly, others infrequently. Also, sites and systems change all the time, it's hard to keep track of what functionality has been lost or gained.
Lindsay-Jean H. June 2, 2016
Hi Peggy -

I think you might be referring to this recipe?

I went ahead and sent a message to the recipe author, hopefully they'll update it. For future reference, if you have a question about a recipe, you can scroll way down to the bottom of the recipe page, select the Questions tab, and you can still ask a question and it will still post to the Hotline, but that way the recipe author will automatically be alerted about the question.
702551 June 2, 2016
As always, your best bet when you find an online recipe with a discrepancy is to contact the recipe author directly.

One very important thing this does is alert that author that their recipe might be incorrect at other places where it is posted; cross-posting recipes online is very commonplace these days.

Good luck.
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