I discarded my whey before I heated my mozzarella curds. Help!

I have some whey draining from the curds. How can I bulk it up to create an effective bath?



Lindsay-Jean H. June 13, 2016
I'm sorry you didn't get an answer to this in time! What did you end up doing and how did your mozzarella turn out?
DistractedCooker June 13, 2016
I ended up using about 2 cups of whey that drained from my curds and then I added about 2 liters of bottled water to the pot and used that as my bath. I am still not very good at this step in the cheese making process so I can't tell if my altered bath contributed to the low stretch I achieved on my cheese. (I need to read up more on this part, I take notes on my process but I have trouble replicating the limited success I have had in the past). Thanks for responding. My initial post was a rush of hasty despondency over having thrown out something I needed two steps down the road.
Lindsay-Jean H. June 13, 2016
I struggle with getting a good stretch too -- best of luck with the next batch!
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