Homemade Mozzarella Failure

Help! I have tried several recipes to make mozzarella, including Kristy Mucci's and each time I've had the same problem. My curds don't seem to be holding together. When I get it to the "strech" stage, it just crumbles in my fingers! I've been careful about keeping the heat to the right level at each stage and the curds look like they are forming correctly, but in the end after I drain them and gently squeeze out the whey, they just crumble when I put them in the hot water. I'm using pasturized (but not ultra-pasturized milk) and liquid vegetable rennet. If anyone can coach me, I'd really appreciate it! I am DETERMINED to make this!



justpicked May 12, 2012
Thanks petitbleu - I was using alot more rennet than that. I'll try again this weekend!
petitbleu May 9, 2012
I meant to add, you should look at Ricki Carroll's recipe. She knows her stuff.
petitbleu May 9, 2012
How much liquid rennet are you using? If you use too much, the curds will be tougher and more crumbly. I use liquid vegetarian rennet, and for one gallon of milk, I only use about 4 drops in a couple tablespoons cold water for the whole gallon.
Are you using whole milk? If not, that could be affecting it.
atlacm1 May 9, 2012
I've only made mozzarella using a mozzarella starter, but I'm sure the rennet works as well. If liquid is too hot, the whey doesn't have time to form correctly, so try decreasing the temp. Also, you must work quickly once the whey starts coming together. Begin working it as soon as you can put your hand into the warm liquid and stretch gently upward while catching the bottom of the ball in your other hand/spoon.
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