Ideas for using Rhubarb Cordial for a large party -- punch?

I made about 3 liters of Rhubarb Cordial (delicious!!). I'd love to use it at an upcoming party, but I need drinks that I can make for a large crowd. Any ideas for a punch or other drink that doesn't require mixing individual drinks? I'm guessing there will be about 50 people at said party. Thanks for your ideas!



Cav June 22, 2016
When making a rhubarb crumble I typically poach the rhubarb in ginger wine with some orange peel. I reckon that flavour combination would work well in a punch lightened up with champagne.
BerryBaby June 22, 2016
When we were kids punch was the only beverage served at celebrations. Pretty easy sherbet (your choice of flavor) and ginger ale or 7Up with a molded fruit ice ring floating in the middle. To this day I still enjoy it!
Nancy June 21, 2016
classic flavor mixture is strawberry & rhubarb so maybe use the berries as garnish. or muddle some overripe berries in bottom of a rocks glass or champagne glass, add your fizzy wine and enjoy.
sjaneparker June 21, 2016
I'm hoping to do the same for a smaller party this weekend. My current plan is to mix the cordial with prosecco and potentially a citrus, and garnish with a sprig of rosemary.
Nancy June 21, 2016
Mmm. The citrus rosemary combination sounds lovely...
702551 June 15, 2016
Yeah, just leave out the booze and mixers. Anyone who has attended a tailgate party knows how to mix their own drinks.

Not a big deal.
Lindsay-Jean H. June 14, 2016
It looks like this question double-posted, so I'm shared Stephanie G's response here to consolidate answers: "Maybe you could set out with champagne bottles or cava or prosecco and allow guests to top off their glass?"
Rae June 13, 2016
Rhubarb cordial & gin, topped off with something fizzy, like soda, tonic water or Prosecco.
I'd start with 1 part cordial, 2 parts gin, and 3 parts fizz, and adjust to your liking.
Rosemary, mint, or thyme sprigs would be a nice garnish - something green against the cordial.
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