sprouted chickpea falafel?

Is there any reason I shouldn't use sprouted chickpeas instead of chickpeas for making falafel? In the middle of cooking and just realized I don't know a thing about eating/cooking sprouted chickpeas.



Susan W. June 14, 2016
I haven't specifically made falafel with sprouted beans, but I can tell you I sprout every bean that I use and every dish I make turns out better than ever. Sprouted beans seem to become more tender and cook faster, so watch them when you cook them.
trampledbygeese June 14, 2016
That's great news. My biggest challenge with falafel is that the insides don't cook fast enough, and if I lower the temp, then I get greasy falafels. These sprouted chickpeas are much easier to make into a paste the soaked ones. Can't wait to see how it will taste.
Susan W. June 14, 2016
I have to admit chickpeas are not my favorite bean, but they look darn cute when sprouted and I like them much better in sprouted from. I do love falafel...go figure.

I'll bet you start sprouting more beans.

Do report back on your experience.
trampledbygeese June 14, 2016
It went well. I was expecting a sweeter taste, but they are pleasantly bitter. It's also the first time using this recipe, and I wasn't fond of the spices they suggested. I think I'll try sprouted chickpeas again but next time with my usual falafel recipe. Thanks for the help.
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