Help with frozen brisket

My almost 5 lbs brisket didn't thaw overnight (in the fridge) I plan to cook it in the oven with coke, onion soup mix and chile sauce. (Please don't vote me off the island, it's delicious) im at a vacation condo cooking for a crowd, waiting is not an option. What if I put it in the oven nearly frozen with the liquid over it?

  • Posted by: Dona
  • June 26, 2016


PHIL June 26, 2016
There seems to be a consensus
Dona June 26, 2016
Hit water it is. Thanks !
Dona June 26, 2016
Susan W. June 26, 2016
Dona, don't be afraid to use hot water. Brisket is a thin cut of meat, so there's no danger of it sitting at a bacteria friendly temperature long enough to cause problems. I use the method for steaks and chicken pieces all the time. I think it's Kenji at Serious Eats that did an article about it.
PHIL June 26, 2016
Hot water will get the job done faster. I have done it with frozen meat before without an issue. Good luck. If it tastes good who cares what ingredients you use. No judgement
702551 June 26, 2016
It'll eventually cook, but it may take anywhere from 1.5x to 2x the amount of time versus a fully defrosted brisket. Take that into consideration when you stick it into the oven in regard to your planned serving time.

Another option is to stick the brisket in an adequately sized ziplock bag and submerge it in a hot water bath to accelerate the thawing.

Either way, good luck.
Dona June 26, 2016
Thanks CV, I wrapped it in plastic and have it in cool water now. I'll see how that goes.
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