When making eggplant parmesan is it better to salt/sweat the eggplant on paper towels or to soak it in (salted) H2O?

  • Posted by: jessf
  • January 21, 2011


RavensFeast January 21, 2011
We had an Italian exchange student way back when and she soaked hers in milk. Her eggplant parm was pretty darn good.
AntoniaJames January 21, 2011
Consider getting Japanese eggplant, or other small, thin variety, which doesn't require any salting at all. Much, much easier, with a nicer taste and texture, too. ;o)
Bevi January 21, 2011
I salt and place in a colander.
casa-giardino January 21, 2011
I salt with Kosher salt and place on colander.
pierino January 21, 2011
Soaking in H20 will only cause the eggplant to take in moisture like a sponge, so the colander method is best.
aargersi January 21, 2011
FYI the eggplant parmesan pictured above is the only way I make it any more - it is THE BEST
innoabrd January 21, 2011
I've always salted and then left it in a colander. Soaking doesn't make sense to me because part of what you're doing is drawing out some of the excess moisture.
betteirene January 21, 2011
I salt both sides of each slice and place them in a single layer in a colander in the sink or a bowl.

I've done this with zucchini parmesan but not eggplant parm--sprinkling it with Montreal Steak Seasoning--I love that stuff so much I could practically eat it with a spoon--to get a good additional layer of flavor during the sweat. Maybe next time.
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