Is eggs benedict supposed to be served hot or cold???

  • Posted by: Yay786
  • November 30, 2019


HalfPint December 2, 2019
At the very least, it should be warm. Cold hollandaise sauce is gummy and eww-y (sorry, I couldn't think of a better word for it). But that's just my opinion :)
Nancy November 30, 2019
Yes, hot, as is customary and boulangere & Stephanie have said.
But cold is an intriguing idea...either with leftovers or on purpose.
You could use already poached or even hard boiled eggs and already cooked bacon or ham. (Or poached or smoked salmon if you prefer those).
I would still favor warm toasted English muffins and warm hollandaise.
boulangere November 30, 2019
Everything should definitely be warm.
Stephanie B. November 30, 2019
I've only ever had it hot
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