I'm looking for vegan main dish recipes (I have a vegan friend, and have exhausted my vegan recipes at this point.) I wonder if there is a way to refine a search in the food52 recipe database for vegan + main dishes that I haven't figured out. Any great vegan main recipes or search tips appreciated.



Anitalectric January 25, 2011
Try my blog www.verdantkitchen.wordpress.com (vegan recipes, food tips, etc). I made the Chipotle Cashew Creamy Pasta recipe the other night for four non-vegan friends and they loved it! I also have some recipes on my website www.electricbluebaking.com.

Besides that, I recommend the Veganomicon cookbook. Great, satisfying recipes that call for simple, everyday ingredients.
hardlikearmour January 25, 2011
Thanks for all of the great ideas and resources. Yay Pickle!
nutcakes January 24, 2011
I haven't posted recipes to food52 yet, I mostly use ones I've collected and don't notice when I alter them. But here are a few I like.

I 2nd Yegan Yum Yum, too bad she isn't updating, She does have a book out. But this simple tofu and broccoli with peanut sauce is a satisfying. If you cook for meat eaters too, chicken cubes can be treated just like the tofu.

I love this Toasted Angel Hair with Shiitake Mushrooms. Although it doesn't have protein I treat it like a main. This would be nice with braised baby bok choy. I've liked it served with a cucumber-wakame salad. This is from Diane Forley Anatomy of a Dish cookbook, you might check it out.

And for something I haven't made but am interested in, check the grilled agave-lime tofu with asian slaw and chipotle sweet potato mash at the bottom of this write up. This chef gives nice explanations. The way to make cashew cream as a cream replacement--great stuff

and I've read good things about tofu Cesar salad dressing. His and other of his recipes are on Oprah's site.

susan G. January 24, 2011
You can limit your search to bean and grain recipes: with those, if they are vegetarian they are more likely to be vegan, or if they have cheese it will be easily omitted. You can also use non-dairy alternatives for cheese and milk -- I'm thinking of something like a lasagna with butternut squash and bechamel sauce. Look through the recent lentil competition too.
Blissful B. January 24, 2011
Here's my favorite Vegan main dish:

The Vegetarian Times also has an advanced search function where you can choose Vegan & Main Dish & see what comes up.
Pnedrow January 24, 2011
Check Veganyumyum.com. Everything I've made from there has been delicious. The Mac and "cheese" is incredible.
There's an iPhone app too.
aargersi January 24, 2011
That's a tough one - i did a search on vegetarian, but then you have to look through them for vegan ones ...
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