Help! I need ideas for an Thanksgiving vegetarian main dish. I have seven vegetarians (not vegan) coming tomorrow. All I find are side dishes.

I definitely don't want tofurkey. That just sounds disgusting.


HalfPint November 27, 2019
How about a butternut lasagna? There’s a good looking one from Giada DiLaurentiis on the Food Network website. Her pasta recipes have never failed me.
Nancy November 27, 2019
Gupta - Joanna's links to two articles have many ideas.
Here are a few to see before you
Roasted Cauliflower. Big now for about 10 years. Most recipes have a sauce or you could choose your own. Tahina-based or cheese-based also give protein. See recipes by Michael Solomonov (Zahav in Philadelphia), Anthony Rose (Fat Pasha restaurant, Toronto), or Alon Shaya (formerly New Orleans).
Pumpkin stuffed with everything good. Recipe by Dorie Greenspan.
French crepe cake. Usual filling between the pancakes is a mushroom sauce, and you can top it with grilled cheese. Julia Child and other French cooks/chefs have recipes.
You may have to decide - given short timing - based on what's in the market or what you know how to make. But there ARE lots of ideas out there.
Worse comes to worse, you could just make something with vegetables served over a classy carb (polenta, a cake of sauteed potato slices like Pommes Anna, or risotto) with elegant wine on the side.
And if you want more ideas see these threads on the hotline, up to and including this year (Nov 2019)

Good luck, and enjoy your holiday!
Joanna S. November 27, 2019
Hi there! Here are a few roundups of great vegetarian main options:

Hopefully there's something in there that you'll like! Definitely no tofurkey necessary :)
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