Any tips on making the Scottish dessert, cranachan? Can I assemble it in parfait glasses before dinner and chill or will it turn into a raspberry/whiskey/oatmeal mush? Any other Scottish dessert ideas?

  • Posted by: Midge
  • January 26, 2011


Fifer January 28, 2011
I realize you've probably done it by now, but it's down to personal preference. Making it ahead will allow the flavors marry. Another very traditional dessert is Tipsy Laird (basically an English trifle with whisky replacing the usual sherry), black bun (fruitcake), or anything with raspberries or rhubarb. Steamed puddings are also very traditional, as is clootie dumpling.
Midge January 26, 2011
Thanks so much everyone. I torched the oatmeal, so I'll be using granola instead (thanks Verdigris). mrslarkin, I scored a lame-o 3 on the haggis game.
betteirene January 26, 2011
Yum. Thanks for teaching me about this. I wonder. . .does it have to be for dessert? Can't I have some for breakfast. . .please, please, please?
usuba D. January 26, 2011
My mom always made this ahead of time, letting the whisky meld with the raspberries
healthierkitchen January 26, 2011
I pulled this recipe when it was first printed. Have to admit that I still haven't made it, but it sure sounds like a good variation!
Verdigris January 26, 2011
Googling this recipe I saw that the traditional way of serving this is to place bowls of the ingredients on the table and let each diner prepare their own in tall dessert glasses. That would do away with the sogginess you fear but would still allow the make ahead of the base ingredients.

I have made similar dishes a couple of hours ahead but I used granola instead of just toasted Oatmeal, Some of the crunch still remained after the sitting. I have also used broken oatmeal cookies in place of the Oatmeal. That works very well.
mrslarkin January 26, 2011
A quick search on the google brought this up: Sounds yummy! I think it'll be fine if you assemble before dinner - that doesn't seem too long.

Oh, and make sure you visit their other website to play the Whack the Haggis game. I scored a whopping 29!

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