Any thoughts on what to consider when buying an electric kettle? Any makes/brands that are particularly great or ones to avoid?

  • Posted by: Midge
  • January 28, 2011


Raquelita January 28, 2011
i love my Capresso (runs about 60 bucks)--it's really pretty with a glass container that removes from the corded base that stays put, so it never tangles and causes tiny-kitchen chaos. It boils REALLY fast. i would say definitely look for the automatic shut-off and the removable base. I wonder how much money it has saved me from heating on the stove...i imagine a lot!
Midge January 28, 2011
Wow, so much to choose from and so little counter space! Thanks everyone.
mrslarkin January 28, 2011
mrslarkin January 28, 2011
This one was in the food52 shop recently and I think it's adorable. If I had the counter space, I'd get it.
cookinginvictoria January 28, 2011
We have tried several different brands. I would say to stay away from super-cheap models -- in my experience they do not last very long. A few years ago, we bought a Russell Hobbs tea kettle (made in England), and it really rocks! It's made from stainless steel, has a warranty, and heats water very quickly. It is cordless, which is a nice feature. We bought ours from Macy's, but I see that Amazon now also carries it:

jwolfsthal January 28, 2011
these are staples throughout asia. We recently purchased a stainless steel Breville and could not be more thrilled. Alternatively, for less you can pick up a plastic model (larger in size) but probably for less as any major Asian super market.
Verdigris January 28, 2011
I have gone through several different brands and some worked better than others. Paying a bit more for a name brand did provide more longevity in my experience, however, they all failed at some point.

I switched to the Thermal Hot Pot concept over a year ago. I love it! I leave it on all the time. Hot water whenever I need it. As long I as keep it filled. I thought it would just be used for hot beverages, but I use it for most meals I cook. Always a need for near boiling water. Shortens prep time for things like rice! I choose the Panasonic brand because I was not willing to pay the much bigger bucks for the upscale brand. It works like a dream. Here's the link on Amazon:

As a bonus, I made my husband jealous over the holidays. We had a number of friends over to do some pistol shooting in the backyard. It was cold. I was in the kitchen as they dribbled in one by one, I offered to make a cup of tea to each lady as she came inside. They were thrilled to recieve their mug within seconds. They immediately could warm their hands. They offered me great praises. He stood there baffled that such a simple pleasure could wow a woman! :-)
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