Pie/turnover storage

I have some leftover blueberry cream cheese hand pies from supper. What is the best way to store them? There are only 4 left, so I imagine they will be gone by this time tomorrow. They are currently on a cooling rack in a warm kitchen.



Amanda G. June 26, 2016
If they've got a delicate glaze, definitely Tupperware them to preserve that. If not, I'd say cling wrap would work great!
Catherine June 26, 2016
Cling wrap it is then, thanks!
Amanda G. June 26, 2016
Covered (only after completely cool) at room temperature or if you're squeamish about the dairy, wrapped (again, only after completely cool) in the fridge.
Catherine June 26, 2016
Nah, there is not enough dairy in them to make me squeamish. Should I tupperware them or just wrap them in cling wrap?
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