what can i do to save an unripe melon



Jennifer June 27, 2016
Others have included many of my answers, but I'd add... salt will enhance any melon, ripe or not
BerryBaby June 27, 2016
I had this happen just yesterday! The honeydew looked and smelled fantastic, then I cut it open and it was flavorless. So, I got out the mandolin, a glass rectangular pan, and made 'ribbons', drizzled it with honey and placed in the refrigerator overnight. OMGosh! It is delicious!
Maedl June 27, 2016
Add it to a green salad in place of cucumber.
Annie S. June 27, 2016
Roast it! Just cut in chunks add a little olive oil and roast it for about 15 or so minutes. Balsamic vinegar can enhance the bland taste.
Hope that helps. It is sad to waste money on pricey fruit. :)
Sarah J. June 27, 2016
Yep! https://food52.com/recipes/23737-the-joy-kitchen-s-roasted-cantaloupe
HalfPint June 27, 2016
Pickle it. Lots of recipes online.
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