non- traditional variations on Nicoise salad + traditional dressing

I'm looking for interesting variations on Nicoise salad (not necessarily the traditional components).
What kind of dressing do you recommend?

  • Posted by: Imogen
  • July 2, 2016


Pegeen July 3, 2016
Maybe you need a Pan Bagnat ( Add some chopped hard-cooked egg.
Nancy July 3, 2016
Imogen -
You want a more interesting version of Nicoise salad.
So please say what bores you (want no more of) and what you like in it (want to retain).
Then I, for one, would have a better idea of what to suggest as variations.
Windischgirl July 3, 2016
I just made a 'clean out the fridge' salad Nicoise for a Not Sad Desk Lunch...should have been a #NotRecipes but I was too harried to take a photo!
Leftover Herbed Potato Salad (Trine Hahnemann's recipe, has an oil and vinegar dressing) topped with some foil-baked salmon (done on the grill, cardamom, dill, and juniper flavors). Added in the rest of a can of black olives, sliced (about 1/4c) and a handful of frozen Trader Joe's Haricot Vert, cut into 1-inch pieces, which were nicely thawed by the time lunch rolled around. Stirred in the dregs of some homemade balsamic vinaigrette to moisten. It was amazing!
jeinde July 2, 2016 has a recipe for Salmon Nicoise which is very nice. Just put it in the search field.
pierino July 2, 2016
I am very much a traditionalist. Contemporary variations include seared Ahi tuna. Personally I'll stick with good imported tuna in a can such as As do Mar. A simple vinaigrette. Good lettuce, Quallity anchovies and a crusty roll. It's hard to improve on that. You're not making fish tacos here.
Imogen July 2, 2016
Your taco comment made me laugh out loud!
inpatskitchen July 2, 2016
I think creamtea's version is lovely:
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