How well does bread pudding reheat?

Can I make bread pudding the day before and reheat it, and if so how?

Diego de la Torre


Nancy July 2, 2016
Yes you can make it ahead and then warm, as suggested, in oven.
Also, microwave works well here.
Another idea - I've made up the pudding, kept it overnight in fridge and baked on 2nd day. This gives a fresher taste than cooked-and-rewarmed. If you don't have enough time to do the full cooking on the day of serving, do 3/4 time on prep day, hold overnight in refrigerator, bring to room temp, cook remaining 1/4 time in oven.
Also, if you have leftovers, bread pudding freezes and reheats beautifully.
Nan February 6, 2018
I know this was posted over a year ago, but thanks so much for the answer to reheating bread pudding. I love the suggestion to prepare it day one and cook on day two! Yay!
nancy E. July 2, 2016
You can cover it in foil and reheat but if you want awesome, you can slice it, butter it and brown it in a pan, served with icecream...omg
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