three part question about gnocchi

1. I'd like to include lemon zest in my gnocchi. I'm serving it with beurre blanc, pea puree, and roasted halibut. Should I make ricotta gnocchi or non-ricotta? Do fish and cheese prohibitions apply to ricotta gnocchi? In cooking school we made gnocchi that was just half mashed potato, half choux (gnocchi Parisienne maybe?), but it was a bit heavy and I'm not sure I want to go that route.

2. Do you have a trusted gnocchi recipe or method?

3. What are your best gnocchi tips and tricks? Pitfalls to avoid? Horror stories?

  • Posted by: Imogen
  • July 7, 2016


Emily |. July 8, 2016
1) I love the addition of lemon zest and your whole dish sounds lovely. I'm going to separate from the group and vote ricotta gnocchi here - it is lighter than traditional which I think echoes the flavors you have selected with fish and peas. I have a history of going rogue with fish and cheese though as a disclaimer, one of my favorite fish dishes to make actually involves a parmesan broth...
2) I have been using this recipe for ricotta gnocchi (or gnudi) for years:
3) The resting/chilling time, especially with ricotta gnocchi, is crucial, unless you like to have crazy sticky hands and lose half of your dough working it into the right shape! On that line, a well floured and chilled work surface will also serve you well.
Nancy July 7, 2016
1. Your suggested combinations of lemon zest, beurre blanc, pea puree & roasted halibut sound divine. The only gilding of this lily I would suggest are pea shoots as garnish, if you can get them now. Or next spring. Non-ricotta. But the fish and cheese prohibition, unlike the laws of motion, may be broken. However, this is your experiment, so you could try your recipe small batch, with & without ricotta, quietly in the privacy of your kitchen. Reporting the results...optional.
2. Nope. I'm in the grateful eater category on this foodstuff.
3. See J. Kenzi Lopez-Alt, as usual, for great tips. This article is about Parisian gnocchi, but has good information about gnocchi-in-general.
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