Will bechamel sauce freeze?

I have leftover bechamel sauce after making lasagne, if I freeze it, will it defrost ok?



PHIL July 9, 2016
Yes you can freeze , but it can pick up smells in the freezer so seal tightly. You may want to freeze a few portions in small containers to you don't have to reheat a big batch all at once. Defrost in fridge if you can first and as Lynne said a little whisking will get it back to its original smoothness. It may look grainy at first.
lynne July 9, 2016
What have you got to lose? Either try it or compost it! I've never done it , but have done cream gravy and it's fine with a bit of stirring when reheating
HalfPint July 9, 2016
I don't recommend composting if it's in your own backyard. City composting program is ok. The fat used in the bechamel and the dairy will go rancid. The odor would be unpleasant. Additionally, it might attract pests like mice or raccoon.
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