I am planning on trying this recipe but I was wondering if I could serve it with noodles instead of rice?

This is the recipe: http://rainydaygal.com/2011/02/03/beef-with-broccoli/ and I was wondering if I should should add the noodles in the pan or just serve over like the suggested rice. This is my first foray into asian cooking and I could use some advice before I jump in.

  • Posted by: Laura
  • July 10, 2016


BerryBaby July 11, 2016
I've served a similar dish over noodles and I sprinkle a little soy sauce on them, then top with the meat/veggie. If using rice, rice on the bottom of the bowl and top with the meat/veggie. Both are delicious IMO.
sexyLAMBCHOPx July 10, 2016
Take a look at this recipe and cook and prepare the noodles as suggested while following the recipe you noted. It will work out and be delicious. http://www.chowhound.com/recipes/beef-with-broccoli-takeout-noodles-31094
Laura July 10, 2016
Thanks so much!!
BakerRB July 10, 2016
I think a safe approach for a first try would be a hybrid: remove the beef and broccoli from the pan and essentially deglaze with the noodles (and a little liquid if there isn't a much sauce) to get some flavor on them. I wouldn't want the noodles to pull sauce off the pieces of beef and broccoli if mixing them together, and end up diluting the overall flavor too much.
Laura July 10, 2016
Thanks for the suggestion!!
702551 July 10, 2016
Laura July 10, 2016
Should I add them to to the pan at the very end of cooking rather than serving the beef and broccoli on top like with rice?
702551 July 10, 2016
That's your call.

Hot noodles don't store very well. Normally you serve the amount of cooked noodles that are intended to be consumed. This isn't just for Asian noodle, this includes things like Italian pasta.

This is not the case with rice. Cooked rice keeps fairly well to the side and is thus more flexible as an accompaniment.

Just my opinion.

Do as you wish. After all, it's your table, your dinner guests.
Laura July 10, 2016
What does that have to do with serving with noodles? Are you saying I should serve it on top of the noodles?
702551 July 10, 2016
Again, your call.
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