Just want to confirm... when you say "8oz" of greens, that means weight, right? (ie. 225g) I find sometimes oz means weight, and sometimes it mean...

...s volume, and I like to always check because there doesn't seem to be a convention as to whether it's weight or volume intended. Thanks

Fried Greens Meatlessballs
Recipe question for: Fried Greens Meatlessballs


Alexandra S. July 14, 2016
Hi Michelle, yes it means weight. Also, know that they are forgiving in regard to the amount of greens—use more or less (within reason). Good luck! I love these.
C S. July 14, 2016
Ounces used for volume is probably used for liquids. American glass measuring cups use both cups and ounces as units. It is confusing if you haven't always done it that way.
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