Lemon curd room temperature

I made a big batch of lemon curd this morning and forgot to put it in the fridge until 6pm or so - it was covered and in a bowl. Is it safe to eat? I'm serving it to a bunch of people so I want to be sure.

  • Posted by: Julie
  • July 14, 2016


Smaug July 15, 2016
Personally, I'm inclined to think it fine but, as a general rule I would say (barring economic necessity) if you don't trust it, don't eat it- just not worth it.
Julie July 14, 2016
Thanks all! Luckily I have time to make a new batch, just sad to waste the ingredients - maybe we'll keep the room temp batch for family use only!
Susan W. July 14, 2016
As Rose Levy Beranbaum has said on her blog, "lemon curd was developed in Britain long before refrigeration was available". It has high sugar, high acid and the eggs are cooked. However, that would be my choice for me. I wouldn't serve it to guests. As nervy as I am (I have a cast iron stomach to prove it), I wouldn't serve it to others. Can someone stop at the store and grab a jar of it?
Nancy July 14, 2016
Fair point(s), Susan W.
Nancy July 14, 2016
Have worked in professional and pastry kitchens.
Sorry, probably not safe.
If your morning time was latest 12 noon to 6 pm, that's 6 hours in the danger zone (5 to 60 C or 4 to 140 F), and if the morning temp before noon that makes longer.
See below for more info.

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