Freezing Pavlova base, making Pavlova base on dry vs. rainy day

I was thinking of making a lemon curd/berry pavlova. The curd is made, and I have 12 egg whites left. What would be better: to make the Pavlova base 4 days in advance, on a clear day (today)and then have it sit out (wrapped in a zipper lock bag) at room temp over those rainy days? freeze it?
Or, to try making it on one of the rainy days on the way?
How many will a 10" base serve? If necessary I will make two as I have enough curd and whites.

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1 Comment

Happygoin April 13, 2021
I think I’d make it today, but don’t put it in plastic. Wrap it loosely in aluminum foil and leave it at room temperature. It should be fine.
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