Any suggestions for healthy food/snacks to pack in coolers for all-day outdoor swim meet?

  • Posted by: eakesin
  • July 25, 2016


PHIL July 28, 2016
What did you decide to make for the swim meet?
Rachel July 25, 2016
I recommend packing along some pickle juice. I used to drink it straight in high school to prevent cramping while running cross country meets. Some would call it an old wives table, but it seemed to work wonders for me.
eakesin July 25, 2016
Thanks, Rachel.
ktr July 25, 2016
When we had swim meets growing up, we always packed a thermos of something warm to either eat or drink because you can get pretty cold after you get out of the water and are waiting around for your next race.
MMH July 25, 2016
Last tip- go to Under the tab tips & training, click on nutrition center
eakesin July 25, 2016
Thanks so much for all of the suggestions!
Lost_in_NYC July 25, 2016
- Hummus w/veggies/pita/bread
- orzo/pasta salad with feta cheese/veggies/chicken/etc
- quiona salad
- home-made wraps with dry ingredients and you can have a dip/dressing on the side so the wraps dont get soggy.
eakesin July 25, 2016
These are great ideas. Thank you!
MMH July 25, 2016
I've had time to think about what some of her friends eat. Some like cold naked pasta. This summer I've seen some eating peanut butter balls in a jar made by one of the major peanut butter makers. Some like fruit but it's sticky and messy and draws bugs and sugar is sugar no matter the source. Some people freeze grapes. Hope that helps!
MMH July 25, 2016
There is always a hospitality room where coaches & officials eat so I don't have to worry about them. We start out with a good breakfast before we leave in the am and keep it light during the meet. Swimming is so different from other sports. I don't pack sandwiches. She swims distance events and she thinks that's too heavy. She also likes peanut butter on celery. For those outdoor meets, the accommodations can be pretty Spartan so I try to keep it simple. I keep a larger cooler in the car when it's really hot. I did try making tuna salad with celery stalks for scoops this summer but probably wouldn't do it again. I try to keep a water bottle in her hand constantly - no energy drinks just water. It's also nice to have a gazebo for shade. Some teams purchase them.
Susan W. July 25, 2016
My daughter swam competively through High School and also played soccer and was on the dance team. The snacks for swimming differed greatly from the other two sports. One thing the kids fell in love with was hummus. It's kind of a nutritional powerhouse considering it's a dip. Celery stuffed with almond butter was a favorite. Those shaved small carrots (I refuse to call them baby carrots) were also popular with black olive slices they'd place on them like hats. Goofballs.
PHIL July 25, 2016
I've done snacks for many a soccer game / baseball game. Is it for the whole team? How about some slider sandwiches, Ham/ cheese , turkey, roast beef, PBJ like Nancy said. The small sliders can be eaten in 1 or 2 bites and they can have a few different ones if they like. Some wraps, cut in half or thirds, again so they are bite size. turkey / bacon, grilled chicken with greens. Watermelon wedges and orange wedges for ease of handling,
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MMH July 25, 2016
My daughter has been a USA swimmer for 10 years. I have a Coleman upright cooler on wheels. I freeze water bottles and use them for the cooling element. They melt quickly for consumption. I pack raw almonds, string cheese, roasted pumpkin seeds, dill pickles and raw veggies. In fact, I haven't unpacked from this weekend yet.
eakesin July 25, 2016
Thanks so much for the suggestions. My kiddos are also USA swimmers so these ideas are helpful. We are trying to fill coolers for coaches for a large outdoor meet this weekend - these ideas will work for them as well.
eakesin July 25, 2016
Sorry - one last question - do you have any sandwich recommendations for meets?
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