I roasted a duck earlier in the week, & now am looking for ideas for the meat. What are some of your fave recipes?



pierino January 30, 2011
Cassoulet. White beans, pork pieces (like neck or trotters), garlic sausage along with the duck and any remaining duck fat. If I were under 19 inches of snow in NYC right now (I'm not) this is what I would be craving.
Sam1148 January 29, 2011
To expand on Bevi's suggestion.
You'll need some sesame oil, small flour tortillas, hosin sauce and green onions.

Brush some of the meat with the skin with hosin sauce and broil skin side up to re-crisp the skin.
Watch it, it will burn in the boiler quickly.

Brush the tortillas with sesame oil, and place 'face to face'. Cover with a wet towel and warm in the microwave.

Serve with chopped green onions and more hosin sauce.

This also works well with store bought rotisserie chicken.
AntoniaJames January 29, 2011
Without question, thirshfeld's Lo Mein with Chinese Celery, posted here. The recipe calls for shredded pork. Shredded duck would be outrageously tasty. It's one of my favorite food52 recipes (and I've tried at least a hundred of them). I make it all the time, subbing whatever I have on hand. ;o)
Bevi January 29, 2011
I love a moo shi/ peking duck with scallions, hoisin sauce, and pancakes. Shred the duck, spread some hoisin or plum sauce on steamed pancake, and add some scallions and cucumbers.

RobertaJ January 29, 2011
Duck hash sounds good to me, and I've seen some recipes for tacos or chile rellenos stuffed with shredded duck meat.
mainecook61 January 29, 2011
Don't waste the carcass; it will make delicious stock. Make duck soup with the odds and ends!
ChefDaddy January 29, 2011
I usually make ravioli with left over duck meat...
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