how do I eat/use duck confit?

I just bought some duck confit from the local shop. It looks like a pair of duck legs.

I never ate it before and have no idea what to do with it. Do I just chop it up and eat it? Do I cook it? Do I use it in recipes? Is it sandwich meat?

There are lots of recipes on how to make confit, but I can't find any ideas on how to eat it... or is going to be so tasty I won't need help knowing how to eat it?

What is your favourite way to consume confit?



caninechef March 1, 2017
I have had duck confit hash for brunch, though it was more like shredded confit on top of hash brown potatoes. Served with Hollandaise and I think I remember a poached egg in there. An over the top restaurant Sunday brunch thing. At home I go the bitter greens route.
les C. February 28, 2017
shepherds pie with porcini mushrooms,duck and veal demi-glace with black truffle butter mashed potatoes on top.recipe at
HalfPint January 25, 2013
Most duck confit I've had isn't highly spiced, so I would suggest gently cooking the garlic in the butter, just to take the raw edge off and then toss everything together.
HalfPint January 25, 2013
I once had fresh pasta tossed with duck confit meat and a little butter. Delicious.
trampledbygeese January 25, 2013
Oh Wow! That sounds yummy.

Is the duck already spiced a bit, do you think, or should I add garlic to the pasta and butter?
irinaleibo January 25, 2013
We just eat it like a chicken leg. Heat it up hot and serve with fries and a glass of Bordeaux or a Cotes du Rhone!
bigpan January 25, 2013
We had some last night as an appetizer at our local restaurant ... shred the meat and put on top of a slice of garlic toasted baguette. Place that on a cream sauce base and garnish with celery leaves.
ChefJune January 25, 2013
Oh my goodness! Duck Confit is so good with/in so many things! Of course, it's indispensible in Cassoulet, but it has many more uses. Best warmed (or hot) even in a salad. (here's an example of a good salad: Fig-spiced Confit Leg of Duck with Black Mission Figs and Raspberries, atop mixed baby greens with Raspberry Vinaigrette.)In this cold weather, tho, I like to serve a hot confit leg atop a pile of Hoppin' John. It's a great pairing.
aargersi January 25, 2013
Oh YUM - you have struck gold! I would warm it, you could serve as an appetizer on bruschetta, or as a warm addition to a winter salad, or toss it with some broth and gnocchi for a main course. It's very rich in its own right so it doesn't need a rich accompaniment. Please let us know what you decide to do with it!
Monita January 25, 2013
You can use the duck confit hot or warm, over roasted potatoes or noodles or bitter salad greens. Here are some recipes from Fine Cooking that use duck confit
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