What type of miso paste do you use?



Natalie R. July 31, 2016
For future reference, the traditional miso would be some form of light, sweet miso for vegetables. Barley miso is extremely mild and best for soups, although you could use it to add body to dressings because you can use it in larger quantities. Red miso is something that only certain regions of Japan seem to favor (like Nagoya, where I stayed when I was there), and was uncommon enough that people would ask me if I ate miso-katsu and red-miso soup every time I traveled. I actually never saw brown rice miso in Japan, although I bet is was there.
ktr July 31, 2016
Very interesting. And perfectly timed too; I just used the last of my jar of miso tonight and will keep this info in mind when I pick up my next jar. Thanks
Sauertea July 31, 2016
Thanks for the input. Opted for white miso. Am always little intimidated by the broad selection.
Susan W. July 31, 2016
Good choice. I've used the white and yellow for similar salads. Both were good. I preferred the white. Red is a bit much for me.
Zainab K. July 31, 2016
I'd recommend using white miso since the flavor is a little bit more mild; I personally find brown miso a bit strong for salad dressings.
702551 July 31, 2016
As the comments allude to, just buy what's available and/or what you like.

I live in the SF Bay Area so I have lots of options. If you don't live in an area that has tons of Asian markets, just use what's available (or take your chances with online vendors).

For a recipe of this type, you do not need some special miso that is served to the Emperor of Japan.

It's just a freaking salad dressing for gaijin.

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CondimentQueen July 31, 2016
I think the question was being asked because the person isn't super familiar with miso. It's easy to say 'pick what you like' if you already know. I live in an area with tons of options for miso but don't use them regularly. You have to buy a fairly big tub of it so I appreciated some of the more thoughtful answers to this question.
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