Looking for ideas for finger food done on a panini press

Did the quesadilla but would like better ideas, can you guys help?

Michael bennett


PHIL August 2, 2016
Nancy, thanks but I saw it on TV, can't say I did it. Glad the ideas worked out Michael.
Michael B. August 2, 2016
Thanks everyone for your input, some great ideas here. I did try the Hawaiian rolls and that did go over well. Nancy, I like the idea of the potato I ddi see that recipe too it's for a waffle iron which I'm going to try out this weekend. Pierino, going to check out your recipe now, thank you.
Nancy August 2, 2016
Michael Bennett - glad you liked the idea of hash brown potatoes on a waffle iron, but credit for it really should go to Phil, who has road-tested it and found it worthy.
pierino August 1, 2016
Bruschetta. Use the press to toast the bread and get nice grill marks burned in. Top with liver pate or olive salad. And don't call it bru-SHET-ta.
pierino August 1, 2016
I love tapenade but I'm thinking olive salad as on a muffaletta.
PHIL August 1, 2016
no Nancy, I did see it done in a waffle iron so figured it could work in a panini
pierino August 2, 2016
I have a muffaletta recipe posted called Waiting for Bonaparte.
PHIL August 1, 2016
You can do a lot here. Get some dinner rolls or the kings Hawaiian rolls and make cuban sandwiches or buy some ready made mini meatballs and a little cheese & tomato sauce for meatball heroes. Slice a skinny baguette and make mini ham and gruyere cheese sandwiches, dip in egg for mini monte cristos. buy mini rye and corned beef for mini reubens, Mini bagels with lox..,mini eggo waffles with jelly, you make mini smashed potatoes (first boil them)
How many ideas do you need?
Nancy August 1, 2016
combinations to make 1-2 bite size servings:
salumi around (hard or crisp) vegetables;
pastry dough around mini-hot-dogs (old 50s-60s hor d'oeuvre which can be revived or modified for today's tastes);
crusty wedges of potato or sweet potato, for dipping in good sauces or crusted with seasoned salt and spices;
miniature grilled cheese sandwiches (in sliders or even smaller mini-hamburger buns);
grilled tree-fruit wedges (nectarines, etc) for the dessert wrap-up part of the meal or party. maybe gild the lily with melted cheese or caramel on top.
PHIL August 1, 2016
I like the fruit idea Nancy. I was just thinking , maybe mini has browns too
Nancy August 1, 2016
Phil - I thought of hash browns too, but was afraid they'd fall apart. And if we compress them enough that they hold together, they risk looking and tasting like something from a fast food chain. Do you have technique/shaping solutions for this problem?
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