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Using puff pastry for the first time

I am going to make some cookies using puff pastry for the first time. Is it possible to shape the dough, put it in the fridge and keep it there overnight? Then I want to bring it out of the fridge, add some cream and fruit to it and bake it. Is it possible?

asked by Bahar 7 months ago
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added 7 months ago

I use the frozen puffed pastry dough making pastries using the dough as the base. If you add cream to this dough, it will become a sticky mess IMO. Place a spoonful of fruit filling onto a cutout square of dough and fold over the sides and seal with egg wash. The dough puffs up and croissant-like.

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added 7 months ago

You might look at recipes for rugelach, which are (is?) made with a somewhat similar dough. There was also a recipe on this site for Polish Christmas
cookies (I think that was all the bane they were given) which are very similar and had a particularly nice lekhvar (a jam made of dried fruit, though don't use that definition if you're writing a dictionary) filling. Unless you mean something out of the obvious with the cream (some kind of pastry cream, maybe), or even if you do, can't really see that working. you could do a fruit filling and top with whipped cream, but watch your arteries.

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"bane"? Maybe "name"- am I crazy or is it this keyboard?

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Why not bake first (here's some guidance on how to handle it from the kitchn:
Then fill it with fresh fruit (berries, sliced peaches or nectarines, sweetened to taste) and whipped cream.