Method for rising hot cross bun dough overnight in the fridge?

I want to be able to have them freshly baked early morning. Do I need to knead the dough before letting them rise? Can I put the fruit in them before or after they’ve risen overnight? And how long do they need out of the fridge before I bake them/shape them?

  • Posted by: JessM
  • March 24, 2023


wilkinsonwilfrid January 11, 2024
Before placing the buns in the fridge, knead in the fruit if you intend to shape them. Shape them first thing in the morning by kneading in the fruit.
Nancy March 24, 2023
"Asked and answered" as they say in some legal/crime dramas.
Here's the same question from last spring, with similar suggestions to what I was going to give.
If you plan to shape the buns before you put them in the fridge, I would knead in the fruit. If you plan to shape them in the morning, knead in the fruit then.
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