I always have trouble with this most basic step: the two panel control, 14-Cup Cuisinart food processor. As far as I can tell, everything is lined up properly. It won't turn on. Does anyone have a link to a demo video or any suggestions?



pierino January 29, 2011
The problem you describe is actually a "safety" feature. Some people are dumb enough to stick their fingers in there to get it working. But everything does have to be locked into place before you can turn it on. And this is true of all makes not just Cuisinart.
latoscana January 29, 2011
For the 14-cup unit, the warranty is at least 20 years for the motor, 3 years for everything else. Call them at 1-800-726-0190 if you can't get it to work after following the troubleshooting instructions.

I just replaced my first Cuisinart - which I got as a wedding present 30 years ago.
drbabs January 29, 2011
Here's the manual:
mrslarkin January 29, 2011
I just got a new 14-cupper. make sure the bowl is locked in place all the way.
virgieandhats January 29, 2011
Make absolutely sure the chute on top is clicked all the way down on the lid. This is usually the problem in my experience. Sometimes you really have to lean down on it to get it to totally click in. You should hear it click--the white plastic piece inside the locking mechanism and the clear piece that sticks down vertically from the chute.
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