best cooking classes in NY?

Need insight and recommendations on the best (and authentic) cooking classes in NY...

xoxo, your fellow foodies :)

  • Posted by: Laura
  • August 8, 2016


PHIL August 9, 2016
Bought my parents a class here . They enjoyed it
MaddyBelle August 11, 2016
I went to a bachelorette party here! I had a very nice time.
Michele August 9, 2016
As you said NY, not NYC, it might be worth to know that the CIA is up in Hyde Park and has many great offerings. Long term, shorter and weekend boot camps on a huge variety of topics, and they have seasonal things too.
Laura August 9, 2016
helpful, will take a look!
ChefJune August 9, 2016
Depends upon what kind of classes you are looking for. Hands-on vs demo? What cuisine? What techniques are you looking to learn? There are lterally THOUSANDS of cooking classes on offer in New York.
Laura August 9, 2016
Hands on is preferred. Cuisine options are flexible. Techniques and recipes are great takeaways from classes, whatever they might be. We've taken classes before from Brooklyn Kitchen, NGAM (Thai), Murphys Cheese & Wine, Momofuku Milk Bar (baking), and other general 101 classes (knife skills, etc.). Any insight would be appreciated.
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