Low salt great tasting full flavor recipes? No carbs or cheese or red meat! Horrible diet. Please help!

I need a menu for no salt full flavor great tasting recipes with no carbs, mo red meat, no cheese! No soy! Please help.

  • Posted by: sile
  • August 14, 2016


MMH August 16, 2016
My 15 year old's Dr just told her to cut wheat & go low carb. She suggested the app - myfitnesspal. It really helps her look at what she's going to eat before she eats it & gives her a feeling of control. Although we mostly cook at home, it has nutritional information on many name brands and restaurants.
BerryBaby August 16, 2016
We grew up eating mostly vegetables with meat being a real treat. Quite honestly, to this day that is how I eat. Salt was not used by our mother, and if anyone did use it, it was just a very small shake. I've become so accustomed to no salt that I have a very hard time eating out. Restaurants seem to think everything needs excessive salt, or at least to me it tastes that way, probably because I don't use it. I want to taste the vegetables, not salt. You will be pleasantly surprised at how wonderful the food tastes without it. The Mediterranean food plan is very similar to how we ate, and I still eat, with lots of choices. Let us know how you are doing. BB
sile August 16, 2016
You are so correct. Salt is the first ingredient! So it seems. Thank you for your insights to your nutrition. I will look into the Mediterranean food plan. Looking forward to many choices! Thank you for your time and knowledge.
Smaug August 15, 2016
We are conditioned by the food industry to expect really outrageous quantities of salt in our food- I think that you'll find that, once you kick the habit, most dishes taste as good or better with much less salt than they are usually given.
BerryBaby August 16, 2016
Smaug, I so agree! We were raised without salt, simple dinners of LOTS of vegetables, salad with oil, vinegar and garlic, meat was a treat and served a few times a week. The salt shaker was put on the table, but I never used it. If anyone did, it was minimal. I love tasting the food, not the salt and that is the problem I have eating out, too much salt! I sit there eating and in five minutes feel my shoes getting tight and my rings are strangling my fingers!
PHIL August 15, 2016
I make the zucchini noodles using a spiralizer. You can use some no salt broth on them and some plain chicken or shrimp. Also, get a steamer. you can steam some salmon and veggies , top with some fresh herbs. You going to miss the salt so look to fresh basil, parsley oregano ,paprika , lemon to add flavor. Steamed salmon with lemon and oregano. Baked sweet potato with some roasted chickpeas , if that is allowed with some cumin and cinnamon is flavorful and filling.
BerryBaby August 16, 2016
Zucchini noodles with lemon and capers, so simple and tastes amazing! Oh, yes, and fresh basil (from my garden!!!).
702551 August 15, 2016
I suggest you look at Sodium Girl:


She specializes in low-/no-sodium recipes since she suffers from lupus.

You'll have to do your own further triage concerning your additional dietary restrictions.

Good luck.
sile August 16, 2016
So many thanks, very helpful!
ktr August 14, 2016
In addition to the sites Susan W mentioned, I'll add The Domestic Man and Paleo Flourish Magazine (online).
I'd suggest chicken or fish with roasted vegetables. You can use herbs, vinegar, lemon juice, mustard, and stock or broth to add flavor.
Susan W. August 14, 2016
Zero carbs? Or do you mean low carbs. Zero carbs would be basically fat and protein. If you mean no processed carbs that's a different story.

If you google Paleo and/or Keto recipes, you will find a lot of tasty things. For Paleo, NomNom Paleo, Mark Sisson and Chris Kresser all have excellent recipes. Clothes Make The Girl also has a good blog and two cookbooks out that are awesome.
sile August 16, 2016
Many thanks! Looking into your information...
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