not really a food question..just admiring those lovely white tiles in your kitchen. Care to divulge your tile sources?

The Mary-anne


amysarah January 31, 2011
Unfortunately, I'm not Amanda's architect ;-) but I think I can help. I'm assuming you mean the white tiles visible in her kitchen backsplash? If so, they should be very easy to find - they appear to be simple 4x4 white glazed ceramic wall/field tile (4x4 is the nominal size, most are actually 4.25x4.25; also usually come in 6x6, etc.) Amanda's look like they have a gloss finish, which is good for clean-up (they're also usually available in matte and like 20 colors too.) Usually fairly inexpensive.

Lots of manufacturers make them - e.g., Daltile, American Olean, etc.are widely available.Don't know where you're located, but I'd just call your local tile distributor/showroom - would be shocked if they didn't have some like them. (I think AO's are called 'Bright' and for daltile's, search under ceramic field tile - white semi gloss or gloss.)

Btw, another similar, but slightly different option is the same type of tile, but in the 3x6 size, laid horizontally 'running bond' (i.e., staggered, like bricks are laid) instead of in a grid. Looks great in backsplashes too.
Amanda H. January 30, 2011
Thank you! We didn't do the kitchen -- the previous owners did -- so I'm not sure. I occasionally bump into the architect in my neighborhood and next time I see him, I'll ask.
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