How many raisins should you use in a sourdough starter?

I've got a (usually brilliant) bread book (Brilliant Bread by James Morton) which has given instructions on making a starter with raisins, but it does not say how many?

Rachel Phipps


ChefJune August 31, 2016
That's an interesting ingredient for a starter. I've started a starter from grapes and caught the yeast in the air, but I can't imagine why raisins int he starter is called for. I think I'd omit them and add them to the bread later, perhaps.
702551 August 31, 2016
A quick Internet search shows that he recommends a "handful":
Rachel P. August 31, 2016
Thanks, a handful is in the book but I was wondering if anyone had anything more specific - my hands are tiny for example!
702551 August 31, 2016
Why don't you just try a handful and see if it works?
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