Raisins rock hard in granola

I've been making lots of granola batches lately, and for some reasons whenever I include raisins in the batch, after the granola is done baking, the raisins are rock hard. I'm looking for a nice, chewy consistency. I usually bake it at 300 degrees for about 40 minutes, in the middle rack, stirring it every 15-20 min. What am I doing wrong? And how do I get the raisins to stay nice and chewy?

Ali Worthalter


BerryBaby April 28, 2016
I just made granola yesterday using the recipe from Bon Appetit. It is delicious! It calls for adding the dried fruit after the granola has cooled to room temperature. Has to be the best granola recipe I have made. They call for stir the granola every 10 minutes and bake for 40. Mine was done in 30 minutes. Delicious!
mstv April 23, 2016
Usually if you add during the last 10 minutes or so they will incorporate into the clumps (but will not be as overcooked).
Jane K. April 21, 2016
you could also try soaking your raisins in warm water for 30minutes before baking.
foofaraw April 21, 2016
And add a dash/cap-full of rum on the soaking water for more flavor and cut the sweetness (like my mom always does when I was a kid)
Ali W. April 21, 2016
Interesting, I'll try that next time! With the rum!

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EmilyC April 21, 2016
I like to add dried fruit to granola after it's done baking for this very reason!
Ali W. April 21, 2016
I would have done that, but I like my granola clustery and this way the raisins wouldn't be part of the clumps :(
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