Approximately how much chorizo by weight does this recipe call for? My local butcher just had one big log of it.



Susan W. August 31, 2016
If you read the comments, it's a very forgiving recipe. She does say, in general, the links she buys are 3.5 ounces.
C S. August 31, 2016
Judging from the picture you could do it to taste. If you prefer it meaty use more, if you just want a little for flavoring use less.
Smaug August 31, 2016
Recipe search didn't turn up the recipe- the prepackaged sausages are usually 3oz. a piece, if that helps.
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 31, 2016
To see the recipe, just click on the recipe name on the top.
Smaug August 31, 2016
So it does, I think I tried clicking on it in the question. Seems like search should've located it, though. At any rate, 6oz. sounds about right, but it does seem to be a put in what you feel like eating recipe.
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