I am cooking a three coarse meal and my main dish is a garlicky seared tilapia can I have suggestion for a appetizer that would nicely compliment the

amy vargo


caninechef September 1, 2016
Gazpacho If you have access to great tomatoes. Though salmon and cucumbers as suggested is hard to beat.
lloreen August 31, 2016
Given the season, a classic tomato with mozzarella and basil can't be beat if you can get freshly picked heirloom tomatoes. I also like to do sliced english cucumber rounds topped with smoked salmon, a smidgen of creme fraiche, and a sprig of dill. It takes minutes to prepare but is an elegant finger food that people love.
PHIL August 31, 2016
cold options might be a watermelon salad / fattoush / tossed green salad with a bright citrusy dressing. hot options could be a pizza or galette with fresh tomatoes or how about a nice simple pasta with fresh tomato and zucchini? Are you serving the fish with any sides?
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