Date Night

I said I would cook a three course dinner for my new guy however I am stuck for ideas on a nice main course. I am going for minestrone soup to start and a tart to finish all I know is the the main course should be chicken. I want something that will take less than 30mins to cook, relatively inexpensive but taste amazing. Any ideas?



Summer O. September 27, 2012
I have had repeated success with this one from Grace Parisi - and it's filed under 'fast Italian'
sexyLAMBCHOPx September 27, 2012
my fave Italian chicken dish!
steph.luv September 27, 2012
This sounds delicious. I think I may go with this one!

Thanks for the suggestions :)
HalfPint September 27, 2012
I would make chicken with a wine pan sauce. Just take boneless skinless breasts, season with salt pepper. Dredge in flour and shake off excess. Pan fry (don't use non stick pan) in a generous mixture of oil and butter, until chicken is cooked through and slightly browned. Remove chicken and cover to keep warm. Deglaze with some marsala, dry white wine, or sherry and a little chicken broth or stock. Scrape the bottom of the pan to get those yummy brown bits into the sauce. Reduce the sauce a little and swirl in a chunk of butter to thicken the sauce a bit. Pour sauce over chicken and serve. I like to serve this chicken with sauteed spinach or mashed potatoes.

This is elegant, inexpensive, and relatively quick to make.
sexyLAMBCHOPx September 27, 2012
Chicken piccata is always delicious.
Kristen M. September 27, 2012
It would be tough for anyone to resist Merrill's Panko/Parmesan/Herb Cutlets:

But this one might be a bit more fancy/romantic, if you want to go that way:

Both are delicious!
Benny September 27, 2012
I love Chicken Cutlets, and Merrill makes them exactly like I always have. If you are trying to impress your date, here is a way to add another level of intense flavor to this recipe:

Make a brown butter with about 2 ounces of butter.
As soon as its done, take off the heat and toss in a Tsp of chopped parsley and a splash of fresh lemon juice (or add supremed lemon wedges). swirl it around and drizzle over your chicken cutlet.

This takes all of a minute to do, so do it just before serving and serve immediately.
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